NTS vs Direct TV, Dish…advise to companies

NTS is over all the better.  If you haven’t heard of NTS, then eventually (if they don’t mess it up) you will shortly.  You can bundle NTS cable with your internet and telephone system.


Direct TV…Hmmm just evil.  They got to big for their pants just like Wells Fargo (another failure) and AT&T (also a failure)…followed not to short for the wishy washy Visa.  BUT Visa’s kinda getting better and listening to folks…so you gotta give them two thumbs up for that one.


Good Side of Direct TV:

You can call them at any time and get channels added or subtracted

Bad side of NTS:

You can’t get ahold of them during the weekend to save your life.  Ironically,  that’s when you are needing certain channels to be added!

Bad Side of Direct TV:


Good Side of NTS:

Fiber Optics ~ no problem during storms *rain baby rain!*

Good Side of Direct TV:

Did I mention there always there?  Always!!

Bad side of NTS:

Past 5pm on friday you won’t be able to get a hold of them til Monday around 8am…and good luck on that.

You can’t even pay a bill without talking to customer service and getting a log on for your own account….They work…when you work…and your gonna have to take off work to get any help.  Not good at all.

Good side of Direct TV:

Paper view Honey !  Easy to rent, easy to see, just perfect

badish side of NTS:

We’ve had it for over a year and still no PPV.

I think we need to hook something else up.

On the upswing that means no extra bills…and we can’t get it fixed because guess what? …no really guess?….I work when they work!

It’s hard to tell my employer “well I need off because I need to see my show on HBO”  *throws imaginary rock at glass window*


Direct TV evil side:

Just like AT & T rates will continue to sky rocket on you.

This is UNTIL you leave them, and just like AT&T, for the rest of your living life, (and perhaps your dead life …cause they will find you and haunt you!), you’ll get junk mail begging you to come back for on 9.99 or 19.99 a month.  But of course when your a customer and you’ve been with them for years there’s no incentive to get your bill lowered..just constantly raised.

NTS good side:

Good price especially for bundle packages.  I have around 900 channels (no HBOor show time…which is frustrating because I need HBO NOWWWW  My Game of Thrones comes on tonight *weeks uncontrollably), I have internet, and telephone at right now it runs me around 153.00.  (now I know it’ll go up with taxes etc…but not anything as bad as Direct TV)

So there’s my complaint….Money wise NTS, storm wise..nts…bundle wise…nts….customer service wise and able to get your channels when you want…direct TV.

Oh and anyone want to know about dish…dish is equal to direct TV.  Except Dish is better at customer service and they do not surprise you with hidden fees (like moving fees)

1. NTS

2. Dish

3. Direct TV


   Advise for The companies, if any will ever listen to their customers.

1. Be there, especially during weekends.

2. Have a site customers can register on without having to call customer service all the time.  A site where they can pay bills and add and subtract channels they want.

3. There should not be incentives for new customers.  There should be incentives for loyal “you stayed this long” customers.

a. Free PPV

b. Lower rates

C. Free Channels

d. A month free of service

e. A Freakin gift basket..anything.    Just stop hiking everyone skirts up the longer they stay (we do understand they go up with government taxes.  Your customers are not stupid.  BUT They don’t go up that much.  Make us love you.)

4. Don’t do what Wells Fargo did.  Don’t start changing your customers Fees because they call you to ask a question or request information.  Heck you could sneeze and wells Fargo will charge you for it.

5. Customers are always (for the most part) right.  Listen to your customers.

6. bundling..we love bundling…less bills.


……and that’s my rant for missing my Game of Thrones…………


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