The Hum

ImageI’m not even sure how to approach this subject.  For awhile I thought it was just to strange, (to strange? *LOL*…I know, I know I’ve seen some of my other post), to write about. But for the fact I like to investigate things….and the fact if you type in “the Hum”, I’m not the only person being horrible inflicted by this strange hum.

Not Tinnitus

Mine really didn’t start until 2013 (at least that I know of).  I don’t know if it started after that strange virus I got, or before.  As much as I want to blame the virus..I think I got it before I was inflicted by the evil virus.  So will skip the virus aspect, unless some of you want to hear the boring details of the strange virus, and get down to the evil hum.

Ever have Tinnitus?  The powerful loud ringing of the ear or ears, sometimes different frequency and just oh sooo annoying?  Well it’s not that.  Not even close.  I think if I had Tinnitus the entire time I’d shoot myself.  I can’t say I haven’t had it, heck almost everyone has had either a snid bit after shooting a gun and forgetting your ear plugs, when your sick, or just from damage to the hair follicle.  To me Tinnitus is a 1st person frequency.  When it goes off it’s like someone screaming in your ear, all other sounds is background.  It makes it hard to hear other people, television, yourself think…oh sooooo horrible.  *lowers my hands to those cursed with Tinnitus all the time.* “I’m so sorry, I have a friend that has it constantly, I pray I never do.”

The Hum

The main sound most everyone seems to hear is so true.  It sounds like a big diesel truck parked outside your house.  The slow rumble of it is constant but there’s fingers of frequency’s inter-looped into it.  It’s not just the sound, in fact I have a hard time believing it is sound and not just waves of vibrations.  I feel it in my bones, my blood, I don’t know if it’s causing me to be sick and tired all the time or if it’s just there.  Usually it occurs at night.  Last night it started around 10:30 at night, very loud and hard. Loud yes, but once again it’s not like Tinnitus, this low frequency Hum is like a background noise.  I can turn to TV up and drown it out, I can turn a fan out to help drown it out…though it won’t help much…and when people speak their voice is 1st person, the hum stays background.

As I stated the Hum is not constant and usually happens during the evening.  Today…it’s constant, only stopping occassionally.  As I stated it slowed down and really kinda shopped around 3am, but when I woke up around 5am it was going on.  It’s now almost 4pm and it still rumbling on.  Around 8:30 am there was a loud pop sound I never heard.

I’ll probably write about this again.   Here’s what I know…

Most people can’t hear it.  Why?  I don’t know because I can feel it and hear it.

Sounds like a large low frequency noise, sometimes I can get it confused with a flying air craft or a diesel truck driving by but unlike them, it doesn’t drive or fly by.

Some nights it sounds like it’s coming from the sky, just above the house.

Other times, less frequently but especially yesterday and today, it feels and sounds like it’s outside the window.  When I go out I can not pin point anything.  If I get in my car and drive away, it goes away (so far).

Some days I won’t hear it at all and it’s because I don’t think it’s either turned on, or what ever is causing it isn’t close by.

I thought maybe it was me and my hearing…so I went to a ear, nose and throat specialist and got tested, my ears are fine. (though I was begging my doctor I had to be deaf and that I must be loosing my hearing from the noise)…test was fine.

Most scientist studying the Hum state most men can hear it.  I’m not a man. (Thank God! *hugs my beautiful body* Gotta love being a woman! *LOL*)

I am sensitive to certain lights

I am sensitive to most good drugs (like codeine, morphine etc) So needless to say I’ve never done drugs and I”m not someone having a trip. *LOL*  (had to throw that in, just in case any of you were wondering.  I would not blame you…I write about the weirdest things)

I have a good job, I have a good rep, and believe it or not I’ve got a head on my shoulders. (I’d tell you what I did, but I have this blog to be able to write about anything without getting in trouble *wink*)

I’m posting a 5 second colorful drawing of how I feel the frequency is (look above).  Today it’s not to loud, so it’s hard to hear all the fingers in it (and I didn’t spend more then 3 minutes on my cute drawing).  If I get a chance, I’ll actually try to form a drawing of exactly what it looks like.  I wish I knew morse code.  I’d thumb it out for you if I did. *LOL*  It’s a low low hum, with fingers that stop, go, stop stop, go go go..etc.

P.S. ~ Had to add this.  one of the toys keeps going off today.  It’s gone off twice and ironically it’s the low frequency note that keeps sounding (it’s a musical instrument toy)  It’s done it twice.  I checked the toy to make sure nothing was wrong with it, nothing was)  Does that mean anything?  *shrugs* I have no clue.  I need the scientist out there to help me out.  I’m not to worried about the toy playing music twice…my main concern is that Hum and how to stop it so I don’t have to force my whole family to move.


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