Soon to Rain dream?

rainSo last night I was thinking I have nothing significant and no other weird dreams to give.  Kinda disappointed in it.  Then suddenly early this morning I have a disturbing dream…I won’t get into the details but since it made an impact…maybe..just maybe it’s a significant dream to me. *shrugs* don’t know….or I’m just itching to write this early in the morning.

Skipping the main details of the dream.  I was asked if I would be kind enough to jack up (lift with a jack.  Not destroy) a very old radio that was out in a barn.  I was told that it was suppose to rain and the particular woman liked old radios and she didn’t want it ruined.  She stated a few inches should be good.

*crosses fingers* Rain in the forecast for our area?  We have not had good rain in over 5 years. *crosses fingers again*….will see….


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