Superbowl opinion

Horrific…I mean horrific.  Oh my pony boys, what happened?  Superbowl is suppose to be a close game, this game was not close.  I will have to go to work with my head down in shame.  Actually most of us in the south will, since the majority were going for Denver. *sigh*…and the commercials..  Don’t get me started on the commercials.  Each year I think…maybe…just maybe the commercials will be better and yet each year over and over again the commercials get worse.

Oh there were good commercials but few and far between.  I do have to say the top one was the compromise on the dogs…love the dogs with the huge heads and itty bitty bodies!  Then of course I have to say the Budweiser commercial with the puppy and horse..that’s a new favorite.  I’m a made me cry happy tears *LOL* remember

I’m not a beer drinker, in fact I think Alcohol is to advertised in America.  But oh my gosh…the old commercials with the lizzards, the frogs…*dies laughing*  Remember when almost every commercial either made you cry or fall out of the chair?  Or remember going to work and everyone sitting around trying to recall their favorite commercials but having a hard time remembering because there were so many?

I had to come rant (because my pick of the team lost…horribly)  Good job to SeaHawks.  My hats, hair and hands down to you because you defiantly showed you are a winner.  I’ll be watching you like a hawk (no pun intended) next year because I might have a new favorite team.  Love the energy of the team, love the teamwork.

My pony boys the Broncos, you’ll always be a favorite.  I won’t drop you because you lost a game.  True fans don’t do that.  (I’m a Cowboys fan, I should know…we can’t win even when we win).  Your still great, you still beat all the other teams to get to that number two spot.  You might not be number one this year, but your number two and considering all the other teams wishing they were at least number two…well it’s a good job and something to be proud of.

Still the commercials…shame on all the companies spending millions of dollars for what?  Make me laugh dang it!!!!


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