Dreaming of pyramids in Washington?

*LOL* Ok, first off viewing some of my post makes me look like one of those weirdo web sites where *cues weird music* they believe in their psychic abilities , they wear tin foil on their heads, woo and usually start a weird church where followers go.  *giggles*.

Nope I’m just a regular girl..ok Woman, who has strange dreams, sometimes think of things that seem pretty cool (and so I don’t forget it) write it down. Yes I believe in God (yep for you none Christians out there..I’m 110% Christian), do I believe in Aliens…duh, only a person with an IQ less the 75 would think otherwise.  Government conspiracy’s…of course, but usually it’s because it’s “nunya”  which means “none of your business”.  Think about it, when Lock-key Martin is designing a new fighter plane for the government that needs to be faster and do more, you’re not gonna tell everyone in hades “guess what were doing, guess where we’re testing”.  It’s Top secret.  Even their works don’t go blabbing to their families…but hey counselors, priest, and doctors don’t spread everyone’s business either.  (maybe it’s a medical conspiracy *LOL*).   If everyone knew everyone’s business around here….ah heck I’ll stop.  I know most of you that read these post already know so I’m lecturing to the wrong group. *hee, hee*

Now…to my strange dream…..

First I know all the little theories of pyramids being fuel cells, to burial chambers, to electric connective blah blah (sorta like high line poles or satellites)…so this dream was a “what on earth am I thinking” sorta dream.

Dreamed of a map of the United States, in the dream is a red dots.  I automatically know some of these red dots should be earthquake zones of a map I’ve seen before.  As I “fly” in closer to the land areas the dots start to shape into ancient pyramids, some discovered, some not discovered yet.  I go North west towards California..and on up.  There in Washington State the very north-west tip is two very small pyramids on land, apparently during that time discovered (in my dream).  In my dream you could go from somewhere at the top of the pyramid and slide (yes like a slicky slide) down through the pyramid and you would go to another area, usually another pyramid.  What people did not realize was to the left of these two pyramids was a third one, much more important one.  This pyramid had not been discovered yet.  (I keep thinking this one was under the ocean that’s why no one saw it yet).  It was the same size, but if you traveled on this pyramid, while sliding if you though of another pyramid, you went there.  (so unlike all the other pyramids, this one was not limited to just one back and forth area).


Well at least this time I was me, not someone else, nor on another world (Thank God!) Don’t ask me now I flew around…I don’t know.  You know how dreams are.

You know I’m gonna goggle pyramids in Washington state now *LOL*.  In my dream I saw washington but I was thinking Maine.   That’s probably what was weird…but the map I saw was Washington State unless I ended up in Alaska…I didn’t see snow so I’m betting Washington.(sorry the map was just the shape of the coast line like when you fly in a plane)

Meaning notes: Makes me worried more about volcanos and earthquakes.  I keep thinking it’s more meaning as in there’s a little ol tiny spot in the ocean just outside Washington State that if it goes off can affect almost any other geological spot on the map of the world where there are connections.  Kinda like a small key.  Something no one really has noticed because it’s out of view “silent” but has been sitting there in view under water for anyone that ever looks.  Something that should be monitored.  I could be wrong with my finding meaning in my dream.  Maybe there’s an actual pyramid you can slide into and travel anywhere…but I think it really means…sweat the small stuff.

earthquake map


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of pyramids in Washington?

  1. It would be interesting if some pyramids are found one day in those locations Seepurple; I wonder if they would let you name them? 😀

    Thank you for sharing your dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

  2. I’d love to actually talk to you about this. I’m super interested in pyramids – found some in other states ( so to speak) –

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