Numbers and Gravity


57 degrees 30′


38 degrees 30′

Fibonacci Series


Do I have your attention yet?  If so please have a look below…


Nature’s harmonic unity: a treatise on its relation to proportional form

By Samuel Colman

Page 218/ Plate 195

Look at the Plate 195, it’s just a molding of part of a building.  I don’t see it as that though, I see it as a machine.  Using magnetics …and a small machine.  Maybe something you just place on each side of something that needs to be lifted.  I want someone out there that’s smarter then me to look at it and try it…and let me know.  Also the above book is good to look at just for measurements and like me using it for art and planting ideas.

There’s also another thing that might help out, I just haven’t found a picture on the internet of it yet.  It looks like two snakes facing each other, but their NOT twisted around each other like our medical sign has.  Actually it looks more like s shaped pieces of metals.  As soon as I find a picture I’ll post it below..but I think that’s a good “hint, hint” to get someone to figure out gravity freedom so I can move stuff around.  At least I hope so.  If I see anything else that catches my minds attention I’ll let you know. (and no I’m not crazy I know things will work.  It’s simple, but *LOL*…not that I’m calling myself dumb in any form..I’m just horrible at math and spelling.  Fantastic at art and ideas.)


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