Bi-Polar dream

Why is this dream called bi-polar?  I have no idea.  Makes no since but it’s another one to share with whom ever reads this.  Also it’s for me so a year later I can have a good laugh.

First I had a dream before this one dealing with 9 individuals doing sort of a easy spell.  It took 9 but it was quick.  I wish I remembered what it was for.  I think it was for me because when I woke up I felt 85% better. (was very sick)  Shortly after waking up I went back to sleep and that’s when I had the bi-polar dream.


In the middle of a large stone/cement room which was dark lay a large metal bowl.  It’s plain in shape and slightly more in the light then the rest of the room.  The bowl is filled with I liquid almost to the top.  I can’t really say what type of liquid but I’m pretty sure it’s milk.  No one’s in the room that I see.

As I wonder what is gonna happen next there’s a large square sheet of paper like material that covers the large bowl, the paper over laps the bowl.   When I wonder what the paper is made of I get a picture of some fried so-papilla on top of the paper.  I then understand.  The paper is made almost just like the so-papilla but not fried (and I’m pretty sure no honey or cinnamon)  It’s just a thin layer of bread like paper. 


Then the bread is tucked into the sides of the bowl of milk so it no longer over laps, which causes the top of the bread paper but bulb out.  When I did not see anyone actually do the tucking four young girls completely alike, quadruplets , came and sat down on each side of the bowl but they never once touched the bowl.  Their job was to keep allignment.  When asked for what I was hinted “bi-polar”.


I think it ment it was trying to control or stop bi-polar.  So what does a metal bowl of milk, bread and the number 4 have anything to do with bi-polar, I have no idea..

I had Nyquil cold and flu medicine  before I went to bed since I was sick,possible why I had such weird dreams last night.


One thought on “Bi-Polar dream

  1. That was definitely an interesting, weird, and very specific dream Seepurple (it almost makes me wonder if that all equals some kind of code and/or does it symbolize something 😀 ); that definitely sounds like your sickness and possibly the medicine effected/affected that dream. 😉

    -John Jr

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