stumped on meaning. ~ another dream~

So usually my dreams I learn through other people, I just visit and feel what they feel.  I learn something even if it’s just emotion.  Last night though was me but the only thing I can figure out is maybe health wise I need to eat ground nuts with ice-cream?   Seems to easy so I don’t know.

Over and over again I dreamed of a list, a recipe.  Even in the dream, even as me, it did not make any sense.  You know there are dreams you have that don’t make sense, but during the dream it made sense … until you woke up…remember?  Of course you do.  Well in this one, even my dream me was thinking “What? How Strange.”.

Recipe..I had it memorized because I was given it over and over and over again ..I saw it even written out.  It seemed to have more meaning and I knew. I was supposed to write it down when I woke up, but I purposefully went on with my day…trying to so call “buck the system”.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because it seemed silly  So now almost a day later I’m trying to remember every thing on the list exactly in the order it was and I can’t….

BUT I owe it to the dream me and who was trying to give me the message to list what I think it had.

Cedar (yes, definitely correct name)

Ice Cream (yes…and no I’m not a huge fan of ice cream…I like chocolate ice cream)

Joshua or Jeremiah…(.the name was one of them from the bible.  I keep thinking it was Jeremiah but I’m not it’s one of them.)

chestnut or walnut? (one of these)

ground nuts (from the chestnut or walnut)

and that’s it but they were in a specific order…and line together, than below divided into a recipe, but during the dream I glanced at the recipe thinking it was nothing to look at, nothing to was the line together that was important.

I think it was ground cedar chestnut Jeremiah ice-cream


Ground cedar chestnut Joshua ice-cream

I think.

I know ice-cream was last and the most out-of-place

I know cedar was  with chestnut because even in the dream I was thinking but that type of tree is not a cedar.

Ground nuts…I’m not sure if Ground was ever there or I just kept picture ground chestnuts made into an ice-cream…which sounds really good.  Maybe there’s a chestnut milk.  Ok people so I’m lost on this meaning.  I might be something deep and religious, it might mean a meeting of something..or it might mean a recipe with medical benefits because I’m fixen to get sick (or you are) Have fun trying to interpret this one.  All I know was it was hours of dreaming…I know because some times I woke, and looked then went back to sleep so It’s semi important to me or you. (who reads this)


I know I know!  It sounds ridiculous does it not.  I went through the internet trying to find cedar chestnuts and there’s not any.   I’ve used the search engine for all kinds of things.  The only connection I have is maybe I need to eat ground up nuts with ice-cream for health or the things that catch my eye.  1. Lebanon cedar 2. california Joshua forest (or something like that) 3. New York. 4. Bible verses connected the chestnuts and cedar trees connected with Jeremiah or Joshua.



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