Seems with the movies today the Ancient myths are arising in almost every aspect.  Everyone from Zeus to Thor.

Why are they considered Myths when family lines can be traced down to that particular person?  

If anyone has that answer please let me know.Image

 by  Alexandre Cabanel


3 thoughts on “Ambiguous

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    I assume that it is because the words myths/mythology also have different meanings than that which is often used in common conversations, in common conversations it often means false/fake/fictional stories, but the other meaning that I learned in college was different from that one and simply meant stories/et cetera told/passed down whether true or false or fictional or in between/both from what I remember if that is correct.



    A lot of the films/et cetera focus more or completely on Greek/Roman myths and mostly Gods which is nice and all but I would also like to see more about myths from other cultures and Goddeses and other types of Deities; especially older myths from older cultures than the Greeks, Romans, et cetera.

    -John Jr

    1. Your right. Just seems it’s sad because people forget these people really lived. Makes it even worse when it might have been a relative of yours and yet the myths and legends go so deep and so crazy no one can imagine them as breathing, living beings.

      1. Yes, it is sad that some of the people who actually existed in some of the myths often get lost/forgotten/misunderstood/misrepresented/et cetera under the fictional layers of some of the myths, but it is usually better than being completely forgotten probably. 😉

        -John Jr

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