To be Stupid or not to be Stupid, that is the question

You ever notice that anything in the past that seems amazing it had to come from some greater power?


You ever notice a fantastic idea or creation must have been zapped into someone mind from something else?

Really people?  Oh Good gosh.

We are smarter then you think.

We are more creative then you think.

Those that think they are not creative or helpful in society need to turn everything off (electronically)…and go sit in the middle of your yard for about five hours.  I promise you’ll think of something or wonder about something that you can change or do.

ImageAnyone think their not creative or needful?

If so get with the silly city council of your town or city and tell them to help combat hunger in a creative way.  They could stop planting trees  for only shade and pretty purposes and start planting Fruit trees, grape vines and bushes that have fruit  all over the city or anyone not lazy and wants fruit when it’s ripe can go pick some fruit.  Instead of planting daisies or roses they could have local stores plant herbs, vegetables and so forth in their front gardens.  Instead of just grass in the lawn have people throw  wild onions out there,(they make pretty flowers).

Just think about things like that…you’ll be amazed at your ideas.  Because your smarter then you think.    Yes we all have our downfalls (I’m horrid at spelling and math) but you have your advantages as I do.  So next time you think your great great grandpa must be some stupid idiot that would not have come up with making a wall or home without some divine help…hit yourself!


Repeat after me….”we are smarter and more creative then I ever though.  My ancestors were smarter and more creative then I thought”…keep repeating that until you believe it.


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