In the moons womb before mine

So my baby girl came to me wanting to cuddle.  Her cute four year old eyes dancing hoping I’ll cave and give her some chocolate and a piece of pie…and then the sad pouting.  As she sat there and started to concentrate on some bread she was snacking on she suddenly turned to me.


“Momma have we seen dolphins in real life before?”

“No”, I answered..though it’s a partial lie.  I saw some at six flags when I was younger…but I knew she hadn’t yet in her four year old life.

“I would like to go see the dolphins sometime.  The moon told me about them.” she replies as mater of fact as if waving her hand over something absent mindedly.

“Oh really.” I state smiling down at her as she continues to eat her bread and mustard snack (don’t judge she stole it from me, that was my snack first).  

This wasn’t the first time she had brought up being on the moon.  She had told me earlier that she was in the womb of the moon before coming down to be in the womb in my stomach so she could be born.  “So the moon actually told you that..”  

“The moon told me about the dolphins, at least the ones in North America…that’s where we are right?”  She looks questioningly up at me..

“ummm….yes, it is” I look astonished.  I don’t think she’s even learned the name of our town.  How in the world did she get North America and even remember  it.  Shaking my head and smiling I realize I need to hurry and write this one down on my wordpress before I forget it.  As I stand up I ask..“So you were in the moon before mommy’s belly?” Making sure I got her old story right. 

“Yes.”  she states “I was inside the moon.  The moon spoke to me and told me things.  Then it sent me down to your belly to be born out of your belly.”  

Well I guess the stork story is out of the question.  Telling her a stork brought her at the door is just gonna make me look like a fool. 

“The dolphins swim under water, sometimes they can talk to humans.” she tells me the moon told her.


“Who’s the moon” I ask her later as she stares to the wordpress I’m typing..

“He is…no she is…no he’s a a she”  She tried to explain

“You don’t know do you.”

She smiles a laughs “alright, alright..the moon is both a he/she thing” 

“I think you watch to much cartoons baby girl” I yell at she scampers out of the room where i”m typing this.

So do I think that’s strange.  No because it’s a story she could have just made up, she’s fantastic at that.  The only thing that boggles my mind is she brought up North America, she knew we were in North America and she started talking about dolphins when we were not even watching any.  That’s what seems strange to me. *Que. music* *LOL*

I realized it’s a cute story but it proves a point.  Even when it comes to your children and their wildest ideas, dreams and stories, even when they hit a cord that makes you really just don’t put that much believe it in.


I’ve seen in my life things.  I’ve been sent away from earth so far and so fast and I had the most horrible ache of loneliness that it almost killed me.  I use to be scared of being covered up.  Until my body or spirit was flown so far away without a chance to ever return all I could think of was “take me back please..take me back home”.. I didn’t care if I was buried in the dirt..I didn’t care about pain, cold, hot, starving… long as I was here..touching the ground and feeling the love of this earth.  Sounds crazy?


I tell you whats crazy…the thought that the story my four year old says she was born from the moon and came to my stomach.  

Why is that crazy?

Because why was she next door neighbor…but when I left and came back it was out of this galaxy.  Why couldn’t I had just gone to the moon?

Crazy stories, Crazy dreams…You have to love life and love everything even the bad around you.


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