Gray Skin …yes but another dream

sporesGray Skin

Sounds kinda funny hu?

Where would one get one?

Would you believe you get it from what you eat?  Yep that’s it.

(now that I’m awake and can recall, I’ll explain my dream)  Once again in my dream I go to another world (or place unlike ours) and this time I’m inside a young girl.  She’s knee-high in a huge room with a huge pool.  The pool is crystal clear and very calm, the water almost a perfect temperature.  The water is about half way up her calf, not quit to her knees.  The concrete serene pool stretches the whole length of the room, it’s kinda dark in the huge vast water room but it’s light enough you can see all the fish and through the water with no problems.

The girl wades through the water just watching the fish.  I know she’s thinking the fish are beautiful but small.  I know these fish are for harvesting and eating.  In the water small dots of blue and I think green float in the water.  These spores (I think there spores you’ll understand as I go on.) are what the fish are eating.  There’s no plants or any other food present that I see through this girls eyes.

As she gets out of the water I’m horrified as I go out of her body and look at her.  On the top of her head (I think she was bald) huge…huge warts were growing out of her head.  I so wanted to just cut them out of her head.  The things were so big so ugly I could not see how she could survive much longer.  Surely the stuff was just taking over her body.

The wart like object had a steam and a pod like body..almost like the poppy pods picture I found on the internet, but they were growing out of her head.

poppy pods

Once again I was in her body.  Though I was horrified and still wanted her to cut the ugly things off she reached up kinda sadly and squeezed one by the so-called stem.  I just wanted to gag and slap her hand but sadly I just had to experience what she was experience.  Nothing, there was no pain and though it was growing out of her head and I do believe it’s just a huge..huge wart like pods growing on her none of it brought pain to her (though I was still ….eewwwwww grossing out).  These wart like pods were about 5 to 7 inches long growing out of her.  Then they would….(ewwwwww) developed a head like, like most warts and releases spores.  To my utter icky-ness she reached up and touched one that was open and looked at her hand.  There on her hand was small spores (or pollen) littered on her hand.  Then I knew..she was feeding the fish with her body..but not her body.

I was saddened because I didn’t get to stay very long.  I still didn’t find the other color of the spores the fish were eating.

Maybe that sprung from her, men, or a plant?

I don’t know if she was a slave or it was a society that learned to be a host to some type of fungus that helped them co-exist to feed their fish? (definitely would not have to worry about raising crops to feed fish)

I don’t know if she was infected and because a sacrifice to feed fish and the spores would just take over her body until she became a bumbling heap of flesh but let her society live since she feed the fish?

Though, I never saw the rest of her people and I didn’t get to stay long in this young woman, I was totally grossed out due the strangeness of her societies ways..still her society worked.  I have a feeling she was not a slave, I have a feeling probably everyone in her society had these pods sprout from their bodies.  I have a feeling they do not have the type of plants we do here…but maybe related to some of our plants.  I think it was a co-existing world that was very serene…but I’m still totally grossed out!  I hate warts and those suckers were huge!…and I could still have been wrong about many things.  I wanted to help her and she did seem sad, so that disturbs me.  Perhaps I’ll visit her or others like her again to know more about that society..on that same note, though I’ll miss this girl and wish her well, I don’t want to experience something growing on me again.


One thought on “Gray Skin …yes but another dream

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    That was an interesting and somewhat gross/disturbing but also nice dream Seepurple (it is amazing that your mind/brain dreamed of something like that, it was almost like you really were seeing things from the point of view of an alien somewhere else in the universe), and the things on her head made me think of when Zhaan on the television series Farscape was budding on the episode Home On The Remains (season 2 episode 7 according to; and I also thought of Clickers from the video game The Last Of Us.

    Thank you for sharing your dream. 🙂

    -John Jr

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