Volcano Dream, Just a dream

Just a dream…but I wanted to remember it.

Dreamed of a Volcano and some kids needed to be rescued.  Sadly, I don’t know if anyone actually got them in time.  The Kids were apart of a  school.  In my dream there was a very brave woman that was gonna try.  I got to see through her eyes for a few minutes, but I don’t know if she made it either.  Also dreamed of a crazy guy that was filming the volcano when it was first starting.  I saw through his eyes for a minute…and I’m surprised volcano stuff doesn’t seen to rain down on people the first few seconds.. or minutes. I guess I should have known that.  I’m pretty sure he did not survive but when I saw through his eyes he was still awake but that was at the first.



((Picture: Volcano Keeper Painting by Melita Safran))
painting volcano


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