Dream, People claiming Magic by God

electricityJust a Dream….

Ok, so I keep posting “just a dream” because sometimes I feel my dreams mean things to someone.  These last two or more dreams I’m posting are just crazy dreams I had that I just want to write down somewhere so I remember them.  No special note attached just your average dream.

In this dream I did not get to ride in anyone and watch through their eyes, but I did sit in the room with them and watch.  I remember there was a man and woman for sure as the Magic from God group…but there might have been another woman with them. (dream fading).  I know they were in a house and the main woman they were trying to convince had long, very long blonde hair, but every time I saw her her blonde hair was in her face.  Blonde hair was straight, kind of thick (a lot of it).  She had a child I think…I think it was a girl. (don’t you hate dream fade).

The “so called” Christian new age group was tying christmas lights like a fool around someone, Might have been the child.  I think the blonde headed woman was already tied with Christmas lights.  There were plugs and lights everywhere.

Will call the crazy so called Christian people “magic people” so I don’t have to keep saying the “crazy people saying they use Magic through God”.

So the “magic people” were trying to preach and explain to the family how they can use magic .  The “Magic people” were twisting the lights around the people and plugging up the lights.  One “magic person” I heard state something such as “The light, it’ll surround you and the energy goes into you.”  As I sat there watching them,  they were unaware of me, I was half  amused, though more pissed about the stupidity of these people.  At least that one was close…not close enough and so far from the truth but I have to give him credit..so close about the light.

Once the child was wrapped up one of the “Magic people” plugged in another set of lights.  The plug was over stocked and I was surprised the house hadn’t been burned down yet from the  over abundant plugs and lights. Suddenly electricity arched from the plug.  I was worried as I watched, so worried one of the poor family members were likely to get electrocuted from the “magic people” bright ideas.  I could feel their sudden worry also as they watched the electricity arch again.  I though “Oh God, please don’t kill these family members”.  As I watched the electricity arched from the plug, then began to travel around the room away from the lights,.  Thank God I thought.

“Look” Cried one of the Magic people, “This is God’s work, the Magic flows through”.  Suddenly I think I might have visited one of the Magic People.  In his head I saw he was at a panic, but he remained calm and he was very thankful he and his group  just didn’t fry the family members as they had wrapped them up in lights.  Relieved but he was scared and awed by the continued arching electricity.  He continues to talk  if he and his group had brought God into this room and the demonstration was gonna drive  his point home.  He and his follow followers watch the arch as it traveled to a window, I remember he was so excited if it would hit a window a particular way he could really come up with something to make the family be awe struck by him.

I came out of the man and sat in the room again (If you call it sitting) alone watching and so thankful the crazy magic people hadn’t killed the family by accident.  Are people really this gullible?  Am I really this gullible sometimes?  I glanced up at the window the arch was headed to.  There was a glass picture in the window…one you would hang up in the window for light to shine through..I remember it had a blue like frame, it had a red heart in the middle representing love, and words which I couldn’t really read.  It caught my attention.  I think I dug in the blonde woman’s mind and found out this was her mothers house at some point.  That was one of those pretty window pictures that her father had gotten for her mother as a gift of “I love you”.  It was kinda pretty.  Above it was another ornament in the window.  It was a very small representation of a butcher knife and it hung slightly above it.  I knew what it was suppose to mean, it meant “kitchen”.  Just like hanging the spoon and fork on the wall like some people do.  I sat there and thought…arch or no arch…this is so sad.  The woman’s mother was killed by her father and this child has no clue, though the innocent pictures they hung up in the window shows it.

….and I woke up.


3 thoughts on “Dream, People claiming Magic by God

  1. Hello Seepurple,

    It is definitely annoying when your memory of your dreams fade as you are trying to remember them, but you did a good job remembering and recording this dream considering. 😉

    I think that it was interesting how you were able to possess/see things from the man’s point of view, and how you are able to read/dig through the mind of the woman with yellowish/blond colored hair; and that there was working electricity like that and how it continued to arch, which is probably rare in dreams.

    Thank you for sharing this dream, and I like the image that you chose for this post. 🙂

    -John Jr

    1. Thank you for reading it an commenting. Isn’t it neat when you forgot your wrote something and you reread it and it’s like someone elses dream. I completely forgot about that dream.

      1. You are welcome Seepurple. 🙂

        Yes it is, and I also think that it is amazing/interesting when you remember forgotten parts of your dreams or entire dreams sometimes when doing something else like when reading someone else’s dreams and/or when certain smells/sounds/tastes/memories/et cetera cause you to remember parts of a dream or entire dreams.

        Thank you for replying. 🙂

        -John Jr

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