Epic (movie review)

epicCute..and I’ll say cute again.  I know it’s out on video now for rent but I actually went to the movies to see this one.  (I love anime/animation/cartoons)!


I thought it would be better

I thought there would be a better more complex story line

I was slightly disappointed

Kids enjoy this movie…but as an adult I personally thing I like Brave, Ice Age, and despicable me better.

the trailer to this movie though…OMG…I Love love love it..with the music.  It can bring tears to your eyes.  I think that’s why I thought it would be better..the trailer was perhaps so emotionally fantastic so you expect the movie to be just as great.

It still has a two thumbs up.  Saw it at the movie..then turned around and rented it.  That should tell you how cute it is.

Love the colors, the story line…sad that there wasn’t a real happy ending like us girls like.


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