New Years Even 1936,of Kings and Queens

Swepston New Years 1936New Years Eve Party in 1936

Do you see the young girl sitting on the floor in the flowery dress?  Let me tell you about her without really saying much….I’ll give you names..


Darda, Trojans King of Troy

Ilos, Trojans King of Troy


Antharius/AntenorII, King of Sicamber

Cassander, King of Sicamber

Diocles, King of Sicamber

Francus, King of Fanks

Merodachus, King of sicamber

Aragon, Alphonos 2 of Provence Prince

Artois, Louis VIII “The Lion”

Basanus, King of Sicamber

Alphonoso V111 “The Good” King of Castile

Sancho III Alphonsex King of Castile

ChodomirII King of Sicamber

Clodius King of Sicamber

Clodomirel King of sicamber

Edward 1 “Longshanks” King of England

Henry 2 “Curtamantel” King of England

Henry 3 King of England

John Lackland King of England

Erichthonius Trojans King of Troy

Louis 1X “the Saint” King of France

Louis VIII “The Lion” King of France

Philip 2 “Augustus” King of France

Phillip 3 “the Bold” King of Franco

Pharamond der King of the Franks Franken

Clodius II (Clodie) King of the West Franks

Marcomir der West-Franken King of the Franks

Noah Gabriel ?

Helenusl King of sicamber

Shem (Melchizedek) King Jerusalem

Antenor Cimmerian King of Troy

Marcomir King of Sicamber

Marcomirusl King of Troy

Nicanor King of Sicamber

Thomas “of Brotherton” Prince of England Earl of ?

Priamus King of Sicamber

Teucer Trojans King of Troy

Tros Trojans King of Troy


Eleanor Princess of Aquitaine

Basia, Trojans Princess

Hildegard Princess of Burgundy

Cambra Queen of Sicamber

Blance Princess of Castile

Eleanor of Provence Queen of England

Eleanor Princess of England

Mathidla Maud Princess of Enoch

Marquerite Princess of France

Sedanus Queen of Sicamber

I wish everyone knew how very special that little girl was and still is.  I’m sorry If I misspelled names.  The family history goes on and on I didn’t list everyone.

I just want people to see that little girl and see that it took a lot of history for her to be there…and still here today.  She’s so very nice and so very beautiful and you also might not only see her but you might see your kin to her.  Maybe as a distant relative..but she’s still apart of you as your apart of her.


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