What I know..and don’t for this moment

moonI had a dream I saw the devil kiss the pope….and the world finally saw.

…I did not like the dream and I hope my dream is wrong about the pope.

Aquaponics..I’m learning like crazy on it and I’m hoping to start one soon.  Anyone who already knows aquaponics..I would love to chat with you.   Not to mention anyone seeing any real “pretty” systems that work fantastic..let me know..

Algae…so Algae is on my mind…it’s important we use it…but for what..I don’t know yet.  I’ve learned when an idea comes up just like my stocks etc…it’s important.  So people, any that listen..I don’t know why but something with algae might be good.  Taking Algae and drying it…can cattle eat just dry algae?

Ok..so it’s like 3am in the morning and I’m rambling.  *sigh* I have surgery this afternoon and I’m horribly scared about it.  I’ve woke up once in the middle of surgery..and yes while they were still operating.  I remember it vividly “Doctor, she’s awake!”….”no, no..that’s impossible…” then a few…well it seemed like long minutes I hear I believe the main surgeon “Oh my God, she’s awake..” and suddenly I was out like a light.  That happened when I was a little Girl.

Next …out-of-body experience during surgery.  Did not like it!  Do not want to ever do that again.  The horrendous pull you get trying to lift you away from earth…it’s so powerful.  I just wanted back in my body and so worried for it when I left it alone.  And the actual love you feel for earth is unbelievable.  You just want to lay against the ground and bury yourself into it.  I felt suddenly like I didn’t belong to earth and I would never see it again..oh and I didn’t want to leave it.  *pouts*   I guess the good thing is there is life after death, it’s a pain to learn to travel because your up in the air at the ceiling and you can’t close your eyes..you can’t sleep, and you can’t see your arms and hands….but you can think of someone and your there.  You can listen.  But…I don’t want another experience like that…I’m hoping to live til 200 at least. *LOL*…I wish.  To much to do, too much to learn.

*sigh*…hate surgery….*sigh*…..


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