Mary Magdalene

What three things is a true human experience everyone should at least experience?  What things hurt humans the most and make us the most emotional?  What does book after book usually have a repeating theme about?


Loss  of Love




For years I’ve been in contempt with the churches for their particular views.  I love God, I believe in Jesus but I do not like churches (at this time).  I believe Mary Magdalene was Jesus wife.  I believe they had sex…yes SEX and hopefully a lot of it because they loved each other, probably as no other person has ever loved each other.  I pray and hope that Mary of Magdalene had a child or children and that Jesus got to be a father.

Why, oh why, would you want someone that came to earth to help and understand us, not to experience the most heart wrenching, love aching, bliss that everyone must go through.  You really think it was horrifying to have Jesus die on the cross for our sins being a virgin in front of his mother.  Would it not be even more horrifying and even a more sacrifice for him to give up being a husband, father, and his poor beloved wife had to sit, probably pregnant at the foot of the cross and each of them watch each other as he drew his last breath and died for everyone, AND to have his mother there…AND his friends.  I would not deny Jesus the love he deserves.  I would not deny Jesus the pain of a good husband and wife fight now and then.  I would not deny Jesus the sudden happiness that he is to be a human father, or the great tragic sadness of realizing he would die before his child is born.  I would not deny him….why the hades does the church?  Curse those that hide things from people…

Sorry…had to rant…..curse, curse, curse….Jesus had a Wife.  He loves his Wife…and one day I pray that people realize it’s not a bad thing…but a good thing because he felt like you did.  He experience life as you did…he loved and lost like so many good people.  He had a family…a wife…

(oh, and just for the record…in my opinion…”turn the other cheek” means slap back, not give them the other side of your face.  I believe God is wrathful first and Loving second.  But even in his wrath he is loving…) that’s my opinion…I’ll probably erase this soon but I wanted a very few of you to see what I see.

Mary Magdalene painted by David Bergen.  He did such a beautiful interpretation of Mary I had to share his picture.  I tried to find a site for his art work and can’t find if anyone knows one, please let me know.


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