Myths about o negative blood

Ok, so most of you who actually click on this probably already heard the rumors on the internet.  For you whom haven’t, instead of explaining just google it and you’ll easily get caught up.  At the moment I’m hear to discredit the so called unproven info.

1st theory: Type o negative blood = reptilian race.  Ok first of all I just want to point out most women…and some men have poor blood circulation. *raises hand*  Yes, Yes I’m one of them.  As much as my husband would like to get me a huge heat rock to bask on when I’m cold..due to poor circulation I also get hot sometimes and have a hard time cooling off. *looks in the crowd* Yep, I see some other girls…and some guys raising their imaginary hands also and low and behold many of them have type A, Type B and Type o positive blood.  Hmmmmm….discredited that one.  (Not to mention I’ve yet to meet one person in this world that can generate body parts…on any blood level)

Type 0 negative blood is where aliens came and mated with humans, so their half human.  Ok, this one’s pretty easy.  My Grandmother, my mother, me..and most of the women in my family are o negative blood.  Yet many of the boys are not.  So don’t you think if it’s true that the children would all be o negative if the alien thing was true?   I think the only odd thing is usually (at least in my family) it’s the women that are o negative and then men have different blood type.  But whether I have two boys or three girls they would still be half me and if they were half me and I was from an alien nation…I mean come on…do the math. (p.s. I’m horrible at math and I think  we “humans” have that wrong also.  Still missing a number)

Green eyes = alien race.   Ok, that’s wrong also.  I have green eyes…well green, blue..and yes it changes with my mood.  So what?  My grandmother has the most crystal blue eyes, my grandfather had beautiful crystal blue eyes, my mother, my father has the same as I do, as so does my brother.  But you look in the family tree and my grandfather always told me that on my grandmothers side some of them had black eyes that pierced the soul.  Heck, I’d wager black colored eyes as alien before green!  I also hear green is so rare, but if you look through out the modeling world and magazines seems like most of the women have beautiful brown eyes, or green or blue.

red hair ~ My mother was a natural red head when she was younger..I was born with blonde blonde hair…guess what we both now have average dark brown hair.

Able to communicate with each other:  I wish.  I’d like to tell a couple of people who don’t know how to drive a few communication languages *LOL*…ok, ok…so I better tone it down.  Been sick today and that puts me in a bad mood.  I have to much to do at work to sit at home *sigh*

Lets say aliens did come down and mate with humans, or somewhere in my family history is alien blood from alien ancestry.  Why am I sickly?  Why wouldn’t they help out?  Why am I not better then someone else?  It’s because I’m human and cursed with my grandmothers genetics.  Now you can’t say it’s blood type..because my mother is the same as me and she’s one healthy woman.  She’s always been.

Strange things happen: Ok, so it’s true.  I can’t tell you what but strange things have happened before.  I’ve seen strange things…but who hasn’t.  Tell me one person who hasn’t had something strange happen to them or seen something very strange.  Ghost, Angels, Demons, Aliens, strange noises at night, out of body experiences..etc.  We live in a magical world of ordinary circumstances.  That makes me and anyone else no different then you.

Type 0 negative people: don’t feel like they belong.  Who does?  I sure don’t.  I believe this world is corrupt, harsh, and needs a lot of learning.  Heck most of the time I like to imagine I’m not from this world.  People cheating on each other, people feeling that being in gangs, drugs…I don’t understand.  But that makes me no different then joe blow next door.  There’s many of us that feel this way.  But I promise you..I belong.  Maybe you don’t.

Hmmmm, I think that’s about it.  Don’t know if anyone wants to discredit my discredit, but I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sound.  I can’t think of any other Type 0 negative theories to discredit but if anyone can think of one I haven’t hit let me know.

**sorry if my spelling or grammer is bad.  This was more of a after thought I had to get out of my head so it wasn’t planned like I usual do**

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