wood-chip mulch


Wood-Chip Mulch in my opinion


  • Pretty
  • Light weight
  • easy to use
  • ready available
  • a few variety of colors
  • can mix “most” into soil after use, helps to keep soil from being compacted
  • cedar chips smell good and repel bugs..bonus points!
  • Helps keep weeds down, helps keep moisture in. ( I won’t go through the “You should already know area” on mulching.)





  • WATER:  most wood mulch float in water and move in water.   You definately want to make sure if you have a garden by the porch if the water runs off your house in a particular area to place a rock there.  Also if your garden or area you want muched floods when it rains or has run off, your gonna have mulch everywhere.
  • WOOD CHIPS : What loves dead wood?….anyone, anyone?  Termites!  Who doesn’t just love to have a house full of termites.  Beware of certain wood chips.  If your gonna use them and their not treated make sure that mulch is away from your house or any dead trees. (course hopefully you get rid of your dead trees *LOL*)
  • WIND: We have wind, lots of wind.  I learned this the hard way.  We decided to place wood chips in our porch area.  BAD IDEA.  I have to say it was beautiful for a very short part of the day.  ALL of our wood chips are on our roof now or down the block in someone else’s yard.  Nothing better then a dirt devil/whirlwind to come by and zap them to another dimension.  We no longer use wood chips at all!! ( though I might think about using them UNDER the weed guard.  I have to say that’s a fantastic idea! for me…maybe not you.  We are very very hot and dry here)

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