Financial Advisors go *Poof*

(I wrote the following over a year or so ago.  Needless to say it was stuck in my draft area…and the draft I’m trying to find has disappeared *LOL*…Ah go figure hu?  I thought about erasing it but It’s kind of comical so I’ll post it.  Needless to say I was pretty heated when I wrote it.  I do believe I wrote something like this before.  Probably when I couldn’t find this one.  So here’s the first version of temper number one *make sure all safety straps and luggage is put away as you enter the vent arena one*.)

*sings*”…..and the world goes round, round, round,….round, round round….”

Once again here I go again.  I mean really!  I’ll give you some background to my bickering.  I owe you that much now don’t I.  My first taste of a financial advisor was one my husband had.  I’d been wanting to play the stock market with some extra cash I had been saving up.  Now my big ol eyes were on the wind energy.   Now this was years ago before the wind energy group even were on their feet.  Sorta like the solar panel windows you can install in your house.  Heard of them yet?  ……see.  Some of you have most of you haven’t.  I had a feeling those wouldn’t get out yet and of course I was correct.  (Call it a womans tuition, my mother on the other hand would say it was just because us women in the family know stuff.)

Without boring you to much the pot boiled down to this short summary.  I finally convinced my husband, boyfriend at the time, to buy in some stocks for me through his financial advisor.  I warned him that the financial advisor would be against it but to hold the chips and tell him I didn’t care if I lost the money.  (it was penny stocks at the time anyway)…Needless to say the financial advisor refused to do it saying Wind Energy was a waste of time.  I cried that night.  I told my husband that he just didn’t realize what we’d be missing.  I had researched this stuff for over 6 months.  The following day my 5 cents a stock wind energy went up to 90 something dollars a stock.

ummmm….yeah.   Who’s crying now….We all are.

That was years ago.

So now two years ago I have my own financial advisor.  Young, about my age, and seemed hard working.  (I guess you noticed the prequal of the word “seemed”).  Once again I had it in my bones it was time to invest in Gold this time.  Truly my mind was on investing in gold itself, but I’m so scared I’ll get the wrong stuff.  So I decided I needed to invest in a cold company.   So I call my husband since I can’t deal with my financial advisor at work.  (It’s a State sorta thing, really not allowed personal calls, and you can’t have cellphones at work)

Once again I tell my husband “No matter what he says, you stick to your guns and tell him I want that money in (blah, blah) company”.  I later find out that the financial advisor convinced my husband not to do it.  I was soooo angry.  My husband is so convinced the finacial advisor is correct.  He then tells me I listen to my mother to much.  Where the heck did my mother come into the picture?…and my hubby goes on and on how the economy has crashed, stocks are good at a low and were garanteed money.

We of course had a huge fight and my husband tells me to call him myself if I want it in gold, he’s not doing it, and for me not to be crying about it later.

*blink…..blink*…..These financial advisors need to be freakin attorneys.  I don’t know how they can convince men to do their bidding for them.

Needless to say I swollowed my pride.  I realized if I switched it to the gold company my husband would be angry with me.  I figured I’d just let a dead dog lie.  Last week the national news announced how high gold went.  I checked the stock I wanted…I could have tripled my money.   I went to bed again and cried.

I had decided from now on I would not let any man tell me what my intuition was telling me I needed…and now I’m on a whole other set of problems…..which I’ll have to post tomorrow.  Because I’ve got to go to work…remember no cellphones, no computers…


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