egg shells, coffee grounds, honey and molasses for plants

egghoney         My Tips for Plants

  • Egg Shells: After you eat your eggs during breakfast throw your eggs into the yard.  Not only do dogs love to play with them, their fun the crush up with your shoes when dry. Great for birds, getting rid of snails, slugs, and other soft bodied insect or crawly thing you don’t want on your plants.
  • Coffee Grounds: Slug or Snail problem?   Want more earthworms? Coffee grounds, throw your coffee grounds outside.  Be careful not to place to much in one area.  I believe to much can cause it to get to acidy.  (be good for particular plants that like acid like blueberries)  Oh, and coffee is crack to earth worms.  So if you have a pile of dirt your hoping to get fertile, mix coffee ground in it and wait.  Earth worms will move in and fertilize it for  you…and you’ll have some cafe happy earthworms.
  • Honey – This is my mana.  I believe honey can cure and save almost everything.  Here’s a word of caution though, Honey kills bacteria which means if your plants need bacteria bathing it, feeding it honey or honey water is not a good idea.  On the other hand usually when planting a tree, especially when I’ve chopped a huge root I didn’t want to and I know it’s about to kill the tree, i bath that root in honey, then feed it honey water and it’s always come back.  On the other hand, I’ve watered saplings with honey water, thinking that would help, and it’s killed them deader then a doornail.  In short…you hurt something and your worried bacteria will kill that area, slather it on…if you need microbacteria so the plant can eat and thrive..stay away.
  • Molasses: I’m gonna try this out this year….I’ll let you know.  All I know is it’s good to spray on the plants and on the ground.  Use sulpher free molasses..I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anything bad about molasses





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