Would you pay?

I started this post via cellphone which was hellacious!  Let me commend those that do it all the time.  *bows down* Your ….brave, smart, patient…or your cell phone is better then mine. *LOL*


Ok, back to my post…would you pay?

Would you be willing to pay for fruit over the internet, shipped to your door?

Would you be willing to pay more then the grocery store?

How would you pay?  Would you do it by check, would you do it by pay-pal..if you wanted to do it, what option would be better for you?

What would make you choose paying someone else instead of getting it from your local grocery store?

How could I convince you to buy it via internet or phone or catalog?

I’m trying to find my target audience and I would like real ideas if any of you have the time.

Would home grown and in the United States draw your attention in a good way?


Would plants being feed via natural springs with out chemicals draw your attention?

Would actual pictures or even live feed via internet draw your attention?

Would a chance to visit and see the fruit?

Help me, help you to help me make you happy..with that I need your opinion to make things work.



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