Guns don’t kill people…

Guns don’t kill people…

 Utube does not make people stupid….

Drugs don’t kill people…

Mountain Dew does not make people go crazy….

Couches don’t make people fat….


People kill people

People like to do stupid stuff

People over dose on drugs because they choose to take that drug

Mountain dew is a soda like coke, pepsi, choose to drink it. (If anyone is wondering about this one on poor mountain dew…some are claiming Mountain dew forced someone to kill someone…and yes I”m talking about the drink.)

People get fat because their either lazy, eat to much or do to some medical problem they are having.  (which reminds me I need to go work out, my couch is making me fat.)

Let me repeat my first statement:


This statement is from a mother of children


This statement is from a sister

This statement is from a bestfriend

This statement is from a lover

This statement is for you, who will hopefully never need the mother, the sister, bestfriend and lover to protect you with her gun from some idiot crazy criminal or insane person who likely stole a gun.

 I will protect you.

If I still have my gun.

1st picture was from website “guns for everyone”

2nd picture was from website “mommy ish”


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