One last funny story on the howling…

So the other day late at night I needed to run to the store to get my oldest daughter some cough drops.  I convinced my husband to go.   So we stopped by a CVS pharmacy that was open.  Not use to this store, since we usually go to Wal-greens, we take different rows.  So he’s on one row I’m on another.  I’m facing my husband and I notice this cute woman on the same row as he is…well guess what?

Yes…I wind up growling.  I felt it come on so I suddenly ducked down.  A few moments I peek over and my husband is looking directly at me with the hugest grin I’ve ever seen.  “sorry, I whisper…did you hear that all the way over there?” I ask.   My husband just nods slowly and he’s still grinning ear to ear.  Suddenly I see the girl swing into my isle.  She looks at me and I’m sure I’m beat red so I start looking around again for the meds.

My husband really doesn’t say anything to me.  In fact he’s pretty quiet and we keep running into this cute woman.  Once we leave the store and get into the vehicle I look at my husband “Really, was it that loud.  I thought I caught it in time…”

He burst out laughing “Yes, it was loud.  I was on the isle with that woman when you did it, she didn’t see you.  You growled she flung around and looked at me..and I never saw a woman run so quickly off an isle….”  he starts laughing again.  “You scared her…but she thought it was me…thanks alot.”Image


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