Howling?….How embarrassing!

Ok, so I’m gonna tell you something embarrassing, very embarrassing.  I Howl..not only do I howl, I growl, and make other weird sounds and it seems to grow.   It’s horribly embarrassing but not as embarrassing as when I finally asked the doctor “Umm, doc…one last question.  I..well occasionally make noise unexpectedly and without you know what might cause this?”  My husband almost fell backwards, the doctor just looked at me and shrugged “like what?” he asked.

“Well just sounds, I have no control over, what would cause that”.  The doctor waited, my husband held his breath, and I just sat on the table like a dwindling idiot.  The doctor just shrugged and kind of looked at the both of us like we were half mad.  I soon dropped the subject and we all talked about scuba diving and the best areas for that.

That was about three or four years ago.  Now days I’m lucky that during work I’m normal.  At home around my family it’s different.  My husband states “It’s so cute your howls and growls, but I’m seriously worried one day I’m gonna wake up and your gonna try to eat me.”

*LOL* OMG this is so weird to talk about.

My kids think it’s funny but now their worried that when they grow up their gonna turn into a werewolf.


All these wonderful fictional movies and books out today does not help to calm their fears.  I do have to admit I’m stumped on the issue.  My family is more use to it then I am.  They’ve noticed a certain growl means I’m hungry, anther means I’m angry, another sound means I’m nervous and uncomfortable, happy sound, sad sound, confused sound…ok…so my family knows better then I do.  Its getting impossible to hide my feelings.    Ah you know it girls, you know when your pissed off at your husband and you just try to put a smile to your face because you know it’s probably you, your just in a bad mood because you had a bad day.  Well forget about that.

We’d be eating at the diner table.  My oldest daughter would be like “mom, and how was your day.”

Me : *smiling* “Oh, it was the same usual day. *growllllll*”

daughter : “Mom?”

Me: *innocently *”What?  Really.  It was a typical Wednesday”

Daughter “..then why did you growl”

Me: “I’m hungry..that’s all *growllll*”

Daughter: *accusingly* “That’s not the hungry growl and your still growling!”

Me: “I don’t *growllllll, growllllll*…Dag Nab It!!…No really it wasn’t bad.”

Husband: *laughing*” ..umm she right, that’s your pissed growl not your hungry growl”

Son:  *laughing and leaning away from me* “Mom’s gonna eat me!!!”

Me “*puts head on dinner table and sighs*  Oh gosh, I wish this would go away….*looks up and looks at husband*…  But really my day was not bad.”

Husband :”It’s sooo cute, you can’t lie…what wrong?”

Me: “nothing really, work was work nothing really happened.  I guess Canis Lupus was not happy with it….but really my day was not bad.”

baby: *howls and giggles as she makes fun of me, everyone has a good laugh*

So does anyone else (sane) have anything like this?

Anyway I figured I’d share my embarrassing little secret.  Though it’s not much of a secret.  I’ve done it a few times around my husbands friends…they are nice enough to ignore it and not point it out.  Which he, my husband, thinks is funny and sweet.  I asked him if they talk about it later and he said no. “guys are not like that, you don’t put another mans wife down like that.  I mean what are they suppose to say “Man, I think your wife is gonna eat me one day”.”  So I guess he has a point.  I know there are days I don’t blame my husband for being nervous about it.  I guess if he did it and I would be worried I’d wake up one day and have some half man half beast looking at me as supper.   *LOL*…I just don’t see that happening.  I like Chocolate!


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