The End of Edward Jones

found on fun mercedes

So stock market crashes mine barely does better than my husbands due to foreign markets.

Then I get a itching.  Had it for months. I tell my husband I have got to get into Gold.  He shakes his head “you’ve been talking to your mother haven’t you.”

*sigh*….No my Gut says Gold.  How do you tell a man that.  I keep asking him to contact Edward Jones and tell our guy I want my entire account into gold.  (I don’t even like gold.  I think silver is much prettier.)

My husband says he’ll call “Edward”.  He calls and guess what.  “Edward” talks my husband out of it.  I swear!

“Edward” gives the whole spill of Gold is a waste of time and money.  It never goes up.
Stock market has completely crashed so the only way stocks can go right now is up so I need to keep my stocks, not waste money on Gold.  Makes complete since, even i have to admit that.  But my instinct says GOLD!  It’s screaming at me from inside and out.  I can hear it “now, now, gold, gold, hurry, hurry, hurry.”

Ok…now you think I’m crazy.  But on to the story.

I tell my hubby I don’t care what he says it’s my money and if I want to lose it then so be it.  He gets angry…we fight.  He finally tells me I can do what ever the “cotton ball” I want it’s my account.  I know if I call Edward Jones It’ll cause even more havoc… I pout and go on with my life.  And deep down I’m thinking “please don’t go up, please don’t go up…just wait for me. I’ll figure it out somehow.”…

“gold, gold, gold, now…now…NOW”

Next week arrives and the Today show announces.  The stocks have gone down but Gold has tripled, largest in history.   My hubby and I were sitting in the living room.  My heart feel out.  I glanced at him and tried to smile softly.  In the end it’s not his fault.  I have always know my husband generally always takes advise from others before me.  It’s not his fault I’m just wondering when he’ll start to listen to me…..So I leave the room and go take a bath…and cry.

A week goes by, and by this time I know Gold will go up some more, though ever person says there’s no way it can.  It’s got to go down.  I do know it won’t go up much and then might go down a little.  (still waiting on it.)

So I call “Edward”.  I tell him…”I want to invest in Gold and Titanium.”  (yes I think Titanium might be next.  It’s not a screamer like gold though so I could be wrong.)  He kinda quiet.  I’m wondering if he’s thinking he should have invested in gold when I told him I wanted to.

Edward Jones man finally says…”well stocks are down, market looks good…I think it would be wise to stay in the stocks you have.”

“No, I want gold and I want titanium.  Can you find something to invest in those two.”

He seems furstrated, “Well I can find precious minerals but I think a wider variety”…

“I only want Gold and titanium” I tell him”… or the companies invested in them.  Nothing else.  Can you do that?”

Edward Jones guy says; “Let me check on it, I’ll call you right back.”

Two weeks later still no call.  I tell my husband when he gets off work to go up there and close my account with Edward Jones.

My husband of course tells me I’m being such a woman and I let my emotions ride on stuff too much.  He goes on telling me he’ll call him and that I needed to settle down because I can’t go through life going on emotions.

I tell him that I treat everyone the way I work.  If I tell someone I’m right on top of something…I’m right on top of it.  If I tell someone I’m gonna call them back…I call them back.  That’s why I worked my way to the top.  I expect someone who works for me with MY money “Edward Jones” to do as everyone else that works for me.  Do as you say and you promise.  I also told him I might not have been a financial advisor.  But I would think that if I was when it comes to stocks, mutual funds, and bonds when someone tell you to sell or close something out it should be right then and there.

So we fight again about my “girly tendencies” to be over emotional.

So my husband calls Edward Jones.  He sticks his foot down and tells “Edward” she wants Gold and Titanium…find something if you can.

“Edward” tells him he’s right on top of it.  My husband, the sexy thing, smiles and tells me later.  I’ve got him looking into it.  He said he’d call back soon.  A week later…and going into the second week I plop down on the couch and smile again…Had Edward Jones called back yet?

Needless to say not only did I close my account.  My husband did also.  He still huffing about how the guy must be loosing his mind not calling him back.  “He won’t do good business like that.” He says.

I smile and shrug. I start checking out books…internet feeds, and anything to learn about buying stocks on my own.  It’s time to cut out the men in my finances…and to go on my “emotions”.  So here I am.


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