The beginning of Edward Jones

barrowed pic from jmacsays.wordpress.comI wrote an entire blog the other week…and I hit something and it disappeared.  I thought I was gonna cry.  I just thought I’d share that with you. *LOL*

I had explained, in more long terms, about what has happened in my past.  It just seems that when you write a book on something and it’s lost it’s hard to pour your heart out again.  So I’ll give  you the breakdown.
In the past…….what happened in my want of stocks……

1. researched some companies when wind energy was nothing.  I researched them for over a year.  Decided to invest when some were 2 cents and 5 cent stocks.

2.  Was turned down because the stock person….and other men (yes I’m picking on ya’ll)  Said it was a waste of time and money.  I knew in my gut it was fixen to hit.  I tried convincing everyone to listen to me.  Tried to tell them I didn’t care if I lost the money it was extra money I had lying around.  No one, including a financial firm laughed at me.

3.  Next day….one of the stocks I picked had shot up from a penny stock to 2 dollars, then 5 dollars, Now the companies, the little penny stocks are ranging from 14 dollars to 99 dollars a stock.  Who’s crying now (besides me?)…yeah a lot of men who tell me they should have listened to me.  But the road doesn’t end there…OH NO….it goes on down hill from there.

4.  So I keep trying to learn the stock market.  It’s harder than I ever thought.  Even been checking into some college courses that might tell you how all the strange “calls” and stuff are for.  I’m stock stupid.  But I’m learning…slowly but surely.  That’s why I started this blog so you can see my pain of learning…and hopefully for some of  you to learn some stuff like I did…OR some of you might be willing to HELP ME.  *wink*

5.  So I keep telling my hubby that I have got to get into stocks.  But I know I’m to naive right now to handle it on my own.  I need help.  Well here comes this fresh-faced man just out of one of the major colleges.  He’s trotting from house to house in a suit in the middle of 100 degree weather.  He says he’s working for Edward Jones and he’s trying to get his business going.

6.  I believe people should  give others a shot.  Edward Jones is a good company.  The guy is determined to go from the bottom to the top.  Anyone willing to go from house to house in 100 degree weather deserves some respect.   I watch this guy for a couple of weeks.  He’s well-educated, he’s determined, he calls back when he’s suppose to, and he checks out.  (gotta always check them out.)

7.  So I tell him.  “Look I’ve been burned before.  I want to invest in stocks but I’m just stupid right now.  I want someone, who if I call up, and say I want to invest in this, even if you think I’ve blown my mind, to do as I say.  You are however allowed to tell me you don’t think it’s a good idea and why…but still I know this is money that’s extra.  It’s for play and hopefully retirement.  If I lose it on something I had my heart set on it’s my fault.”

8.  What did this man say?  He said “of Course…that’s what I’m here for.”

9.  So I’m happy, my hubby’s happy…and the Edward Jones man is happy.  At the moment there’s nothing I’m crazy about.  Nothing my heart is set on.  So my hubby and I have our own plans.  His is a little more aggressive, mines aggressive but not too bad.  The Edward Jones guy says he’d pick something less aggressive.  We say no…and he shakes his head.  I’m starting to like him.

10.  So I invest mainly in foreign stocks, my husband in American stocks.  I get laughed at because they think Foreign stocks is ridiculous.  But I’m a firm believer in gut instinct.   But the guys good, he tell me when he thinks I’m going over line…but if I tell him I don’t care..he does as I say.  The Edward Jones man is smart…..

(so       I      thought).


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