Stock market: Reading”smart cookies”, Trying “Virtual Stock Exchange”

Your probably, if you have noticed, wondering why I’m posting blogs like mad.  I rarely get a chance to get on the computer.  So I save all the stuff I want to write about until today.  So I’m throwing stuff out.  It’ll probably be awhile before I post anything else after this one.

I can’t surf the web like most people can at work.  We’re not allowed to.  It’s a Government thing. So the only thing I’ve got to fish on the internet with, is my phone, which is old and can hardly work.

On that same note , I do get a lunch break, so I went to a local library and checked out what I could about finance and money.  I was looking for something in internet stocks like e-trade, fidelity, etc…but of course it’s an old library and a small town.  *shrug* Heck learning is learning.  So here is what I’ve learned so far.

One book I checked out is called “the Smart Cookies, guide to Making More Dough” by the smart cookies with Jennifer Barrett..etc.

1.   What I’ve learned so far from this book?   Nothing.  I’m apparently already ahead of the game BUT I’m only on page 61.  So I’m hoping there will be something I can take back from this book.

2.  Do I think it’s a good book?  YES!  In fact I know a LOT of people who need to read this book.  I mean really!!!  I’d give it away as Christmas gifts but I’ve tried talking to people about savings, spending…etc.  They get really angry.  Hopefully one of you, if anyone, is reading this will need it.

3.  What does it teach so far from page 1 to page 61 so far?

  • spending
  • how these women went from nada to wonderful
  • the different types of people and their problems and how they worked it out.
  • they give GREAT charts to help you keep track of money
  • GREAT advise
  • Great shopping ideas so you don’t have to quit shopping for your favorite things.
  • ..and it’s very interesting read.
  • It’s not one person’s experience…each page is almost a different girl and her experience.  I love books like that.

I’m a firm believer you can’t learn from just one person.  Sometimes that person can be a genius and tell you everything you need to know.  And the truth is no matter how hard you try to listen it’s like hearing the teachers in Charlie brown cartoon “wah waah wah waaaah wah waaaah”….or better yet.  “blah, blahhh blah bla bla blahhh”.  *LOL*  Oh gosh I crack myself up.  Anyway.  Another person can come back and tell you EXACTLY the exact same thing…but it clicks.  So it’s a good book.  There’s probably someone in this book that really will click with someone.

Now as I said I’m not done with the book.  I’ll let you know what happens.


Next I found a site called “Virtual Stock Exchange”.  All I can say is OMG it’s so much fun.  I guess you can look it up as “VSE”.  You plug-in your play money, pick your stocks…etc…and watch as the real stock market goes.

As I knew gold went down again.  I put some “fake virtual money” into some titanium stock and have made a whole 4 dollars.  *hee, hee*…

Anyway It’s a way to help me figure out how to order stocks, money, etc.

I’m still playing with it when I can.  I’m still learning so I’ll keep you posted on that also.


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